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I'm Lori, the proud owner of Simple Delights Bakery. I'm passionate about crafting exceptional handmade baked goods. Born and raised right here in Torrington, Connecticut, my bakery has been serving the community with love and creativity for over four years. My cinnamon rolls and breads have captured the hearts of my loyal customers, earning rave reviews for their unparalleled taste and quality.

My main offering includes a delightful select... Read more

Discover the Art of Baking and More!

My bakery isn't just about making delicious treats; it's about creating memories. My love for cooking and baking, passed down through generations, infuses every product I offer. The scents and sounds of my kitchen evoke warm memories of family and friends, and I'm eager to share those simple delights with you.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to quality. My artisan breads are crafted with the highest standards, ensuring each b... Read more

Making Smiles Happen!

Having a Birthday or other Celebration? Think of us for your next event! Just one of the many Smiles from our pasteries! 


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