Indulge in Winsted's Handcrafted Baked Delights

Indulge in Winsted's Handcrafted Baked Delights

I'm Lori, the proud owner of Simple Delights Bakery. I'm passionate about crafting exceptional handmade baked goods. Born and raised right here in Torrington, Connecticut, my bakery has been serving the community with love and creativity for over four years. My cinnamon rolls and breads have captured the hearts of my loyal customers, earning rave reviews for their unparalleled taste and quality.

My main offering includes a delightful selection of artisan breads, handcrafted with the finest ingredients and no preservatives. Each loaf is a testament to my expertise and commitment to delivering the best.

But that's not all! I also offer delectable pastry platters, perfect for various occasions, from business events to family gatherings. You can choose a mix of three or four pastries or go all-in with a full platter of your favorite kind.

And let's not forget my prized creation, the cinnamon rolls. They're not just a top-seller; they're a customer favorite. Handmade to order with top-quality ingredients, my cinnamon rolls are simply the best in town.

But wait, there's more! I'm delighted to introduce you to my authentic sourdough breads, a rarity in our area. Made from a 150-year-old San Francisco Wharf Sourdough starter, these crusty loaves are a true gem. Using only high-quality flours and three ingredients, they're perfect for making the best toast.

And to add a sweet touch to your celebrations, try my edible ink sugar cookies. They're a unique offering you won't find elsewhere in our region. Using my high-quality printer, I can adorn handmade sugar cookies with personalized designs. They're individually wrapped and make wonderful favors for weddings, birthdays, and special events.

Ready to experience the joy of Simple Delights Bakery? Schedule a Free Consultation with me today by calling (860) 309-4485. Let's make your next event a memorable one with my delectable treats!